Raising a collective voice

The privatised context of teachers’ work encourages a culture of individualism and individualisation in which the collective identity is often imposed by a corporate elite.  I believe that professional self-definition through community and a unified message are essential if the teaching profession is to challenge these discourses of division and own brand forms of professionalism.  By raising the collective voice of teachers, I would like to contribute to reframing the narrative around trade unions, professional associations and more informal teacher organisations and groups, and celebrate the important work of the profession as a whole.

Alison MilnerI am a doctoral researcher at the University of Nottingham in England and my thesis is a comparative study of teacher professionalism in England and Sweden.  I am particularly interested in how definitions of the ‘good teacher’ emerge in policy and the extent to which this is or could be profession-led.  In this regard, I will listen to the voices of academics and teacher trade union representatives to explore areas of negotiation, compromise and influence in educational reforms.


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