Raising voices in policymaking and teacher education

In the construction of a curriculum in Sweden, there are different stakeholders involved. It’s also a democratic process that needs to be maintained. The Swedish National Agency for Education has responsibility for the process. But this process is a negotiation between different voices of different stakeholders. There are many voices that should be listened to. The academic voice is just one of the voices that influences policy documents for school. The academic voice therefore is compromised with other voices and the choices of, for example, politicians. I want to raise the voices of academics involved in this process to understand the basis for policy documents.  I’m also intending to raise the voices of those in teacher education: teacher educators, students and others involved in planning and structuring teacher education.

DavidI’m doctoral student in Educational Sciences at the department of Educational Sciences at Lund University specializing in Geographical Education. I’m a lecturer in Human Geography at Linnaeus University. I began my research in February 2013 and it focuses on curriculum and knowledge of school geography. More specifically, it’s about how teachers describe their work to develop students’ geographical abilities – in a national and international context. Also relevant is the view of knowledge in the curriculum and the intentions behind the policy documents for geography teachers.


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