Raising the voices of students

I’m a PhD student in Education and the focus of my research is the reforms to Swedish upper secondary schools during the 1960s. The big issue at that time was the change from teacher-centred teaching to more independent work for pupils and this is a subject I want to discuss in the blog.

Magnus GrahnI teach at Lund University. I have taught different kinds of students but, mainly, teacher education students. Right now, I am teaching a course in Assessment and Grading. Assessment in Sweden has been inspired by international research, for example, the work of Dylan Wiliam. This has influenced not only teacher education students, but also schools, teachers and pupils. I also teach a course in The History of Education. This includes a session on how Swedish schools have changed over time.

Before my current role, I worked as teacher in both primary and secondary schools in Sweden. Geography, history and social sciences are my main subjects.


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